Inan Kalayci


Studied GIS in the University of North Alabama. Graduated in 2004 with GIS Major and CIS minor. started working in the GIS industry during the last semester of school. Helped a local Forestry Company to establish their GIS and map archive. Later moved to Colorado and started working in Denver Tech Center GIS Companies. One fun project that I have worked in was the Nuclear Power Plants of the USA. It is always fun to experience new GIS projects. I started this Master's degree program when I was living in London, UK. I moved to Antalya, TR to flee the pandemic virus away from the metropolitan crowds of the big city. Better safe than sorry I always say! :)

GEOG670 Lab7
  1. Online version of the Lab7 Paper
  2. Access the Lab7 Work
  3. Access Part 4 – Challenge Assignment
Lab2 Assignment links
  1. MyOsvi LeafLet Map Part(I/III)
  2. MyOsvi LeafLet KMZ Map Part(II/III)
  3. MyOsvi MapQuest Part(III/III)
Lab3 Assignment link
  1. MyOsvi "Lab3 ArcGIS API JS" Map Part(V/V)
Lab6 Assignment link
  1. Lab6 Web page!
  2. Lab6.2 Web page!
Class Semester Professor
GEOG652 Fall 2020 Professor Naijun Zhou
GEOG653 Spring 2020 Professor Jack Ma
GEOG654 Fall 2020 Professor Jonathan Resop
GEOG655 Spring 2020 Professor Naijun Zhou
GEOG656 Summer 2020 Professor Jonathan Resop
GEOG657 Summer 2020 Professor Eunjung Lim
GEOG670 Spring 2021 Professor Eunjung Lim
GEOG677 Winter 2021 Professor Michael Humber
GEOG795 Summer 2020 Professor Jack Ma

Here is a list of things I like;
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  1. Scuba Diving
  2. Camping
  3. Riding Motorcycle
  4. Climbing
  5. Trekking