GEOG677_Lab5 Winter 2021

Inan Kalayci(climber of Colorado Rockies 14ers)


 Part I: Authoring Geoprocessing Workflows

I decided to make a different map and added CO_Counties, and USA_Mountain_Peaks layers to my ArcGIS Pro map. So I can build my Model using these layers.

My purpose with this model is to see the distribution of the 14ers in each county in CO.

Added the necessary layers to my map

Created the Model

First I added the Clip Tool to diminish the amount of data that I need to CO counties only:

Next I added the Select Tool to select the Mountains that are 14.000ft or higher:


For the Model: Defined the Expression for the “Select” Tool to get the records with 14.000ft=4267mt. elevation. Loaded the 4267mt.exp file from my hard drive:

Next I added the Summarize Within Tool to summarize the 14ers by County:

Validated the Model. Ran the Model:

Defined the Labeling expression for two labels(14er’s name & elevation):

Defined the expression for two labels(County name & the summit count per county):

Converted the Labels into Annotations:

Now I know howmany 14ers each CO county has:

Part II: Creating Geoprocessing Packages

Edited the Metadata for the Model:

Typed in the “Dialog Explanations” for each parameter used:

I am an Administrator of my paid licensed service. I want to share, and;

Now I am publishing the package to a local folder on my computer;

Part III: Publishing Geoprocessing Services

Part IV: Consuming Geoprocessing Services

Using my MyOsvik account; (This is great exposure to real life conditions. Great learning opportunity for me)

Part V: Web AppBuilder

I decided to build a brand new Map Project on ArcGIS Pro to tackle this last part.

Downloaded CO_Hospital_Districts data from:

Prepared my map data:

Clipped, Select_By_attribute(d), used Feature_Later_To_Shapefile Tool to create the .shps I needed.

Created the Model that finds the CO_Hospital Districts which are within the 5km. buffer zones of the CO 14ers.

Self explanatory screenshots are as follows;


I experienced with a lot of tools and options.

Great learning curve.

Thank you for your support and all efforts!

Best Regards,

Inan Kalayci

Lucky Me!(just kidding) Trying to upload this assignment;